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Farmer’s Market

June 5, 2018 | FOOD

This week, our neighborhood farmers’ market – Polk’s Produce – reopened for the summer. We were one of the first in line to buy peaches, tomatoes, delicious Silver Queen corn, and small yellow squash that looked like they had been picked that morning. I have a soft spot in my heart for Polk’s because when I was food editor of the Savannah Morning News…


June 8, 2018 | DRINKS

I have a forest of mint. Previously, I planted mint in pots, and it did OK. But now that it is in the ground, it has spread like wildfire and produced the most beautiful, bright green, aromatic herb you can imagine. So, what’s a cook to do but make lots of Mint Julep syrup, the basis for one of the South’s most refreshing summer alcoholic beverages…

mcintosh county eats

June 20, 2018 | TRAVEL

When traveling, I love to find hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve good food at fair prices. For almost 30 years, we’ve owned property in Townsend, Ga., in McIntosh County, and have enjoyed two restaurants there that fit this description. Hunter’s Café is just a little wooden shack on a dirt lane across from the marina at Shellman’s Bluff. Try the hamburgers for lunch…


June 27, 2018 | FOOD

I go out to eat monthly with a group of friends. We call ourselves the Diners’ Club, because there is no purpose to our meeting except to enjoy each other’s company by enjoying a meal together. June’s outing took us to The Cottage in Bluffton, S.C., an easy 40-minute drive from Savannah. Bluffton’s main drag is Calhoun Street, and that’s where we found the quaint little restaurant, located in what really appears to be an old cottage-style home. Seating is available on the porch and in two small dining rooms inside, which we opted for since we’ve been…

Vine-ripe tomatoes

July 6, 2018 | FOOD

If there is a taste of summer in the Nesbit house, it’s vine-ripe tomatoes. It’s not uncommon for us to eat a tomato sandwich every day during the short time (June-July) when tomatoes are at their peak. This year, the tomatoes are coming from our own vines, thanks to plants sent to my husband by our son, Zack. We’re harvesting both cherry tomatoes and slicing tomatoes…

British Isles

July 31, 2018 | FOOD

My husband and I are just back from a two-week trip that took us to London for three days on our own, and a 9-day CIE bus tour of Scotland and Ireland. I had always heard that the food in that part of the country was nothing special, but I beg to differ. As we had those in our group who are of English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry…


August 18, 2018 | FOOD

This time of year, the heat in the South is oppressive, and that really affects the appetite. Often, particularly for lunch, all I want is a hearty, cold salad. I start with a packaged kale salad kit because I like the little package of pine nuts and dried cherries. Then, I add a combination of ingredients that add color and flavor…

chicken divan

September 1, 2018 | FOOD

I am just back from a week spent with my Mother, Alice Jo, who turned 96 on Aug. 21st. And what did the birthday girl want to eat during her birthday week? Lots of home cooking, particularly savory casseroles that made the house smell so wonderful. One of our all-time favorites is a curried chicken casserole made from a…

Cucumber sandwiches

September 21, 2018 | FOOD

On a recent Friday in September, I attended a celebration of the life of Tina Norris, my former Isle of Hope across-the-street neighbor. Tina had lived a rich 95 years being embraced by family and the community and church she loved. She was known for her kindness, sincerity and faith ... and for her cucumber…

fox and fig

October 21, 2018 | FOOD

Let me say first that I am not a vegetarian. I love a good hamburger and a flavorful grilled steak. However, over the past month, so many people have asked me if I had eaten at Fox and Fig, a plant-based restaurant, that I had to try it. What an experience! I honestly don’t know what I ate or what my friends ate, but it was all delicious…

Last of the lemons

December 11, 2018 | FOOD

I have made it a practice for most of my life to stay out of the yard. I kept the house and cooked the meals, and my husband took care of the mowing, the planting, and the pruning. Old-fashioned, right? I just didn’t like to get hot and sweaty. But in retirement, I have discovered that I love growing things. I don’t even mind weeding!…


January 12, 2019 | FOOD

I started out the New Year with an itch to cook, and since I’m also watching calories, I’m focusing on soups and stews without cream. Chicken or beef broth, tomatoes, lots of vegetables, and seasonings give the dishes flavor without the fat. This chili is a longtime favorite, and in fact was requested by a blog reader who had just moved to St. Simons…

first watch

Februrary 23, 2019 | FOOD

If there’s anything I love, it’s stumbling onto a new breakfast/brunch spot. That’s what happened a couple of months ago when my husband and I drove to a furniture store in Bluffton. After a couple of hours of fruitless shopping, we were starved and the sales rep recommended First Watch, The Daytime Café, located on Fording Island Road.

The Farm Cart - Athens

JULY 18, 2019 | FOOD

One of the Saturday traditions when we visit our son and daughter-in-law in Athens is to head to Bishop Park for a breakfast biscuit from The Farm Cart. Well, now The Farm Cart has its own sit-down location at 1074 Baxter Street. We made a recent visit, and it did not disappoint.